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26 thoughts on “Healthy Tacos Recipe – Low Carb High Protein

  1. You guys are just brilliant I thought the cauliflower pizza based was an amazing idea and it totally is but Mexican is my fav so thank you guys so much your channel is an inspiration to all who either know how to cook healthy and train and a great introduction for those who don't. Thanks for such an awesome channel!

  2. nutmilk bag and oven cleaner. I can't stop thinking about what that towel is used for. prob nothing bad just how many washes hand soap ect

  3. I personally would use cheese cloth to squeeze out the liquid because there's always left over detergent lingering in the towel.

  4. A buddy of mine used this impeccable diet program, "fizy unique plan" (Google it). The result was incredible; she lost 12 pounds. I just googled it immediately along with I`m also using this extraordinary diet.

  5. I also make totillas with this recipe, just that I make them bigger and thinner and bake in owen and then in a dry pan, its Great!!

  6. Dudes.

    the food network stole this recipe and the cauliflower pizza recipe. you guys didn't even get a courtesy comment on their channel….

    if you guys took the recipes from them please disregard. I don't see that because that's not Buff Dudes Style!

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