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use moringa in your meals and make them nutrient dense. today I am sharing healthy cauliflower sabzi with moringa powder using groundnut oil #vegan. this …

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40 thoughts on “Healthy Sabzi Recipe – Indian Vegetarian Side Dish – Lunch Box Recipes | Skinny Recipes

  1. Mam plz make a video on stainless steel cookware…as nowadays everywhere on YouTube we can see disadvantages of stainless steel cookware which make me more confused.. Plz mam

  2. My dear lady you are the best vegan Indian cooking video. Do you have a book published yet? If not I think you would be very successful selling your book on cooking. I appreciate all the effort you put into your show. It would make it supremely wonderful if I could print out your ingredients it would be excellent. I don’t see that available. USA Cape Cod, MA

  3. Namaska! Nisa!i am Korean. I am really into indian vegan food. In Korea, it's not esay for vegan. I ve learn from Indian food from You. So i've come to know the indian spicy from your vedio. I really really love indian spicy. I love sabzi and dahl(indian mung bean soup). I love dahl with a pinch of hing. Hing is important spicy for dahl. Without hing, dahl is not perfect.

  4. Hi sis this dish very unique with the herbs n all👌something new n I never tried before "sure wil try the recipe"👍 as always great sis💕bye❤️

  5. Adding moringa powder into the sabzi was a twist. I will try it. I am using organic India moringa powder. But it looks different than yours don't know why

  6. Hello Nisha mam, thank you for sharing another healthy recipe for us😀 Can you please advise if people who have thyroid problems still eat cauliflower?

  7. Hello mam now ramdan is going to started.. So I can drink ur banana and oats smoothie at sahur?? Morning before 5 o clock….

  8. Priyanka Kaushik May 22, 2019 at 1:02 pm - Reply

    Very nice recipe. I have not tasted moringa leaves or powder? does moringa powder have a typical taste or smell…I mean is it overpowering? Could you describe the taste of moringa?

  9. Hi Nisa ji, Jus a query. Wanted to know how long an we store kaphli/Emmer wheat flour dough. N how to store it. Coz I had extra dough n stored in an air tight container applying oil. But the dough became very sticky. Kindly revert back.

  10. If I can’t get moringa powder or leaves, what can I use Instead? Can I skip it? Would it affect the recipe/taste much?

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