Healthy Recipes + Meal Prep Ideas

Part 2 of Healthy Eating on a Budget. Easy tasty recipes with the food you just bought. Meal Prep. FOLLOW ME On Social Media! Instagram @hunnybunsfit and …

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47 thoughts on “Healthy Recipes + Meal Prep Ideas

  1. just saw your channel I like it a lot I'm on my journey I just started recently and I always wondered about the white rice so happy you taught us the diffrence between white and brown I always wondered about that

  2. Thank you so much for including written versions of your prep recipes! Everything you made looks incredible, and I can't wait to try these!! Plus you and Zach are too cute!! ?

  3. The difference between brown rice and white rice is not just color! A whole grain of rice has several layers. Only the outermost layer, the hull, is removed to produce what we call brown rice. This process is the least damaging to the nutritional value of the rice and avoids the unnecessary loss of nutrients that occurs with further processing. If brown rice is further milled to remove the bran and most of the germ layer, the result is a whiter rice, but also a rice that has lost many more nutrients. At this point, however, the rice is still unpolished, and it takes polishing to produce the white rice we are used to seeing. Polishing removes the aleurone layer of the grain–a layer filled with health-supportive, essential fats. Because these fats, once exposed to air by the refining process, are highly susceptible to oxidation, this layer is removed to extend the shelf life of the product. The resulting white rice is simply a refined starch that is largely bereft of its original nutrients.

  4. Do the muscle eggs not go bad? A jug full is a lot. I wonder how long it takes you to finish one jug? Love your videos by the way!

  5. I spent about $37-$47 for a full week worth of healthy food. That's about $160-$200/month. Who says eating healthy is expensive? great video :D

  6. I need some ideas, my doc just put me on low carbs diet…. =( Ive been watching and meal preparing since i started watching your videos and i'm already losing weight! but now its gonna be really hard. She wants me on 60g or less of carbs…

  7. I wish you would post the songs you were listening to! you are so much fun! I don't k ow if you have an Aldi grocery store in your neighborhood, but it makes eating healthy on a budget a lot easier for me. ? ? ? ? ?

  8. Jen, I made most of these recipes today and they're delicious! But what do I pair together for my meals? I'm on the go all day as well between taking care of my two munchkins, my job, and full-time class schedule! Thanks :)

  9. I think my favorite part about this video was you f*cking your food up with that taco seasoning lol. Just subbed for that lol

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