Healthy recipes for picky eaters!

Had some technical difficulties with this video, but better a little late than never, right? I’ve done so many recipe videos now that I’ve lost count BUT what I haven’t …

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31 thoughts on “Healthy recipes for picky eaters!

  1. Mr. Maxibillion May 26, 2019 at 1:06 pm - Reply

    Damn, my life is fuckin sad. The only one of these I'd like is the pancakes, and maybe the smoothie thing. I need to teach myself to eat more food

  2. woahhh i used to watch you sm when i was like 10 now i’m 13 and i juss today found your channel, you’ve grown sm. i used to comment on every video and when you went live i would always try to call you, i did once and i remember when i did and, well, juss wow i can’t believe i found you again, i’m so excited to start watching you again and supporting you 🥺💗

  3. Actually COOKING your breakfast is great, but if you're anything like me, I personally just roll out of bed and make the most simple thing that pops into my brain which is cereal lol

  4. first off, I LOVE TOMATOES , but I absolutely HATE any dried fruit, like, the juice is literally the best part

  5. I use to or still kinda am a picky eater but I am now trying new healthy foods that are really good yummy and tasty (:

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