Healthy Meal Prep | Simple and Easy Recipes For The Week

FIT FOR THE NEW YEAR | 2 quick meal prep recipes for the week. Easy for on-the-go lunches or dinner. I hope you enjoy, xo. Daily Fit Tips With Whit: …

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26 thoughts on “Healthy Meal Prep | Simple and Easy Recipes For The Week

  1. Hey Whitney I have a question, how do you count your macros with vegetables ? Or do you just estimate it since it's low in calories ?

  2. Your meal prep vids have changed my GAME! I used to dread gross plain chicken and broccoli now we jaaaaaammming with these turkey enchiladas BLESSS

  3. If I had a lower back injury, do you have any suggestions as to how to get back into working out? How soon should I start exercise again and what should I start off with?

  4. Hey! Would love to see a video on correct squat form… and stretches to help get lower in the squat. Love your videos! So fun!

  5. Umm, First off! You're UHH-MAZING! Second, Your my inspiration, daily!

    Quick Question. I have been going back and forth with BCAA's. A lot of people tell me that if you eat the right foods you have no need to supplement. But, I'm very curious about BCAA's. Your thoughts?

  6. Whitney, I wanted you to know that I love you so much. Your channel is amazing! You are such a stand out from any other fitness youtubers have attempted to follow. I feel like were friends lol. You have really changed my life, I have made a commitment to go to the gym everyday as well. After a very long winter with lots of family problems my brain and body need this!!! Thank you!!!!!!

  7. HEY! Your videos are awesome and I can't believe I only just found them?! Like whaaaat? Just wondering if you count macros or not? I'm starting to think I'd be healthier if I didn't… xxx

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