Healthy Meal Plan 2018

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50 thoughts on “Healthy Meal Plan 2018

  1. The Domestic Geek. Do you have any easy/fast meal plans andor recipes for expecting/nursing mothers? It would really helpful.

  2. Blessings to you, SaraLynn. Some people do not comment generally, but that does not mean that we do not appreciate you. I personally am thankful for the fact that your recipes include "real." easy to obtain, ingredients. Thank you for being conscientious about using obtainable ingredients. If you ever find that you need some direction for a new theme, I would like to suggest a series called "Cooking for One." There are a lot of us out there, and I am not inspired by cooking and storing. I want to eat fresh, made in the moment, meals without too much leftover ingredients. Also, while many of your meals are diabetic-friendly, having a series of recipes specifically for diabetics would be so helpful. I hope you have a new year, and thank you for reading my suggestions. Now I am going to get my ebook at a discounted price. That is most helpful. God bless you and yours in the new year.

  3. It was 2am when I saw this video and bought it on impulse. How that I'm awake, I'm glad I bought this book. This is going to be so helpful for the rest of my graduate school! Thank you!

  4. There's nothing healthy about meat and dairy. Unless you want cancer stroke diabetes heart attack high blood pressure and overweight there's really not much use for that stuff.

  5. I would love to see some Paleo meals because my nutritionist said is that best way for me to stay fit and healthy 😭 I miss my cheese 🧀

  6. I love your recipes! Could you do more main dishes that are healthy, vegetarian friendly (ovo-lacto veg.) and help us boost the protein intake?

  7. C'est juste dommage qu'il n'y est pas l'aire d'y avoir de recette végan ^^' mais j'irais quand même voir des fois que j'en trouverai des végétalisable 😉

  8. A meal prep video for a family of four would be awesome, like inspiration for moderately healthy bulk meals and what equipment you would use.

  9. Found your videos at 4am whilst feeding my baby now been up for 2 Hours watching videos saving recipes and making shopping lists 😍😍😍 I ovz subscribed n am in love with your videos love how everything is in the information box so simple xx

  10. Hey. You're sweet!! I absolutely ❤❤ your posts and thank you! !! I hope you have a safe and prosperous Happy New Year. May it bring happiness joy and full of fun good healthy easy recipes. I can't wait!😊😊

  11. I wish someone would make several meal planning menus where each item on Sunday is used through the week and you aren't always eating the same thing. I know Mind over Munch did one, but that is all I usually find. Each person doing one example.

  12. Please more vegetarian recipes with foods like tempeh or jackfruit. I'm always looking for mushroom-free meatless meals. Ooh and slow cooker stuff!

  13. Does this book have vegetarian options? i.e. If a recipe calls for chicken or beef, will there be an indication as to what a good vegetarian substitute will be for that recipe? Thanks! 🙂

  14. Happy 2018, Sarah! May the Lord continue to bless you with your talent. You have been inspirational and my journey with you has produced great results. You should go on TOUR and do DG live…YEAH!!!

  15. I bought this book so quick! Unfortunately it’s not realistic for me cuz I work early mornings so I don’t have time to eat breakfast but the fact that I now have all these recipes and ideas right on my lap top is amazing and I’ll definitely utilize this! Thank you!

  16. The e-book is wonderful! Just bought it and I'm very excited to to try out the recipes. I've followed your YT channel for quite a while and I know I won't be disappointed with this book of recipes. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Wow! This actually looks like the recipes are realistic, no fancy expensive ingredients, food you can buy outside of US, no gross vegetable combinations. THANK YOU! You are amazing. Are you gonna be following the plan as well? It would be assuring to see you try it.

  18. Id love if you could do some keto friendly recipes and meal preps. I know the keto community is small. As someone who is on keto I still dedicatedly watch your channel, but cant make most of the foods. Ill keep watching, of course, but Id love to see some foods I can have!

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