Healthy Meal Ideas & What I Eat for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!

I know these meal idea videos are some of your favorites, so I hope you guys enjoy! If you have any cooking video / recipe requests please let me know! xo Get …

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20 thoughts on “Healthy Meal Ideas & What I Eat for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!

  1. All of these meals look so yummy! Was trying to figure out what Lebanese bakery you go to. We go to Sumaya and Sons by our house! But their tabouli comes in much smaller containers! My husband is Syrian and his cousins own The Aladdin on Union Blvd and another cousin owns La Zeez. Don't know if you've been at either of them but best middle eastern food in the Lehigh Valley! I highly recommend them both!

  2. i like this type of videos even tho i cant use any of your receipes as i dont eat any animal products…but still like to watch them

  3. I remember avoiding parsley in pregnancy,it is not recommended in high doses because it stimulates uterus.Sorry to be party breaker but check all herbs,many are not good for pregnant women.

  4. I LOVE Acai Bowls! I was craving it so much today that I made one for dinner tonight! My local Trader Joe's just started carrying frozen Acai packets. They're good, but not as great (or pretty) as what you'd get when you order one at a specialty cafe or juice bar. Love you girl! XOXO

  5. Looks so delicious Michelle! I like simple healthy food like that! My hubby is a chef. Thanks for sharing! Aloha!!

  6. I like when you do these videos. I follow you on Snapchat and always wish I had recipes/ingredients for a lot you post! I was going to post on instagram that if you made a recipe book I would buy it! I need to get that chill lime seasoning for eggs! Congrats on the new baby. Loved the video where you told Dan. Made me tear up. Wish you both the best!

  7. As someone who has watched your videos from the time you were filming in a closet lol I LOVE your videos and this kind of content really helps us get to know YOU better. You've been like an older sister to me whose videos I can watch for fashion inspo & now lifestyle!

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