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31 thoughts on “Healthy Lunch/Dinner Options

  1. This looks DELICIOUS! I need to try it.
    I once made beef burritos with this Vegan "beef" and my husband never guessed. He loved it! 😉


  2. What cooker did you use for the rice and beans and how long did it take to be ready? This recipe looks delicious!!! Thanks!

  3. Jeremy Han Solo burger August 18, 2017 at 6:55 am - Reply

    My main meal is beef minced meat cooked in pan(with out oil) kale spinach grated carrot and onion topped with cayenne pepper. Is this good to eat constantly?

  4. I want to please ask u a question. If I stop eating carbs at all not even brown rice just pure green and protein diet is it not good? Or should I still eat carbs? I do this for health and stay lean. What's your thoughts?

  5. Nice try Bretteney Cap. Too bad you don't know what you are talking about. You aren't healthy. Stop misinforming people douchebag!

  6. Any reason as to why you use brown basmati rice over brown jasmine rice? Or Is it just preference? I just recently started a plant based diet so this is real helpful!

  7. on a completely unrelated note (because your comments were disabled on the video I just watched ) would you say whole wheat pancakes are something you shouldn't eat if your frying the pancakes or using a waffle iron with cooking spray?

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