Healthy Lunch Ideas • Vegan Recipes [Plant-Based] • Lisa Lorles

Open me! If you make any of the recipes, tag #LisaLorles on Instagram! If you make any of the recipes, tag #LisaLorles on Instagram! – – – – A B O U T M E …

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27 thoughts on “Healthy Lunch Ideas • Vegan Recipes [Plant-Based] • Lisa Lorles

  1. I love your videos. They are so detailed, informative, and high quality. You have really inspired me to go vegan! Keep it up! ☺️❤️??

  2. Lisa, you are such a great voice for the vegan community! Thanks for bringing such optimism and loveliness to your channel and your videos. Your meals make plant-based eating so accessible. Keep 'em coming!

  3. I love your videos!! Do you think you can put the
    quantity and how much you used in like ounces and stuff please? Idk how to cook and new at this lol ? I'm excited to try that sushi!!!!!

  4. You're totally my recipe-guru???? you post such great food ideas I love it (&you?) I'm vegan too but I never really know what to eat. Thank you???????

  5. austyne wasielewski November 26, 2016 at 10:07 am - Reply

    I found your channel earlier today and kept finding myself coming back through the day to watch more of your videos 🙂 I love the positive message at the beginning, and as a vegetarian who desperately needs more veg and wants to eat less dairy and egg, I'll definitely be writing down some of the ideas in this video and others. thank you for sharing them! I'm looking forward to what you post in the future food related or not 🙂 x

  6. I have just started to watch your videos. I love the fact that you are not forcing people to be vegan and promoting eating healthy. it's good to share personal experience.

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