Healthy Iftar Recipes By Healthy Food Fusion

A special healthy iftar recipe collection for you. Now enjoy your iftar guilt free. #HappyCookingToYou #RamzanRecipes Written Recipes: Chickpeas salad: …

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29 thoughts on “Healthy Iftar Recipes By Healthy Food Fusion

  1. RAHAFA LIFESTYLE May 11, 2020 at 10:04 pm - Reply

    i never knew these dishes are counted as healthy food
    cuz this is what my home menu is
    but i always make other healthy food for myself😂😂😂

  2. Please write in urdu rather than roman or English 🙂 you can add captions for people who don't understand urdu but majority of the viewers are Pakistani 🙂

  3. Food fusion is best…but sometimes u should use easy things which are available in every home easy to easy ..

  4. I want u to share the link of ur mixer machine in ur next recipe, which will be very useful for us….. Kindly plz share with us🙏

  5. Y music zrori tu nhi is k bghair bhi video bnaei jaskti…..q muslmano ko ramadan mai bhi music sunva k gunah kamaty hu ?

  6. Ap logun ki receipes to boht mzay ki hoty han bt ap log jo burtan use krtay han wo miserly landay k hotay Han na

  7. Kiya air fry machine main pakoroon ka wahi maza ata ha jo oil main fry krny say ataa ha wesy hi crispy bntay hain plz reply

  8. Toasted bran bread cubes is healthy? What is it’s nutritional value?
    Also flour and wheat isn’t healthy at all. There is no benefit in consuming. So please don’t write “healthy” in your title

  9. lovely great healthy my brother is very health conscious , he always ask me to cook healthy recipes …. thank you FOOD FUSION …… now am able to cook something healthy… thank you very much

  10. Thank you for sharing, can you show more non-fried recipe. I am Bengali and all we have for Ramadan is fried food and I am starting to loose my mind trying to find healthy dishes. I will be definitely trying the last recipe soon with maybe store bought pocket pita. Your recipes are amazing.

  11. Thanks for making Easy & delicious recipes for us 👏
    My all family members follow your YouTube channel 😊
    Alot of Love for Food Fusion ❤
    Share more easy & delicious recipes for us 😄
    Always keep work hard like this
    May Allah Blessed you with more Success
    Ameen ❤

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