Hello stranger friends! Hope today has been fantastic for you 🙂 Today’s video, I’m showing you two recipes that I’ve been including in my food prep rotation …

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25 thoughts on “HEALTHY FOOD PREP | VEGAN/ PALEO recipes + Yoga

  1. I very much enjoyed the layout if this video, it was super chill and it was very informative and kind of like a vlog , I want MOREEEE VIDEOS LIKE THISSSSSS

  2. Good ideas! We have been eating really poorly since getting a house and moving. Now it is time for us to get back on track. My stomach is not happy about it. I don't think I could completely cut out meat though. But I do a lot of chicken, turkey, and fish.

  3. Hey karissa, I've been keeping up with your gut health videos.And i have to say it's really awesome of you to be so open and honest about everything going on with your body.I myself have dietary issues so it's really nice to know i'm not the only one. I just wanted to ask if you had any advice for someone who is interested in switching to a diet more like yours? I'll be honest i'm not someone who's ever been a big veggie eater or paid attention to what i ate. But i want to start approaching food as something to nourish my body not just to consume it because it's easy and "taste"good . Any advice you have would be awesome and greatly appreciated. Thanks xo

  4. Loved this video nice mix of vlog and cooking … I'm always up for seeing your 'freestyle' plantbased recipies!!! It's good to see recommendations of these brands for ingredients… it helps me a lot . Do have you a preferred brand for the egg replacer or do you find not much difference between brands ? I was sooo exited when I saw this title …. I have been trying to move my diet towards a vegan/keto style and struggling with ideas these are great. I'm always stoked when I see vids come up in my feed from you Karissa wether it be vlog,beauty,tutorial, haul etc just like catching up with an old friend love your energy xx Gwen

  5. Love these videos Karissa 😌
    If you haven't already, check out 'Sarah's day' on YouTube. Her food videos are so good I think you might benefit from her and her videos! Xx

  6. I feel like some currants or raisins would make a really great addition to that cauliflower rice if you're into that. They would compliment the garamasala beautifully

  7. You're the reason I'm hooked on hemp hearts now! I used to add ground hemp to things and hated it, so I was a little wary, but I saw an instagram story you posted with some amazing salad topped with hemp hearts and bam! Those muffins look amazing, and I will def be making them tomorrow (with some substitutions because otherwise it's not fun, haha). Have you ever added in cacoa powder or nibs?

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