OPEN FOR WRITTEN RECIPES ~ French Toast: 2 slices of bread (i used silver hills THE BEST YO) 1/2 banana 1/2 tsp cinammon (or more) 1/2 tsp vanilla (or …

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14 thoughts on “HEALTHY & FAST BREAKFAST MUG RECIPES (vegan)

  1. Any ideas what i can substitue apple sauce with? I dont have any at home and i need to make this banana bread asap!

  2. Everything looks so so delicious! Ah and I think that switching to a vegan diet actually makes food preparation so easy because I stick to staples that are inexpensive and abundant! 💗 OMFG and the French toast mug cake looks to die for!! I'll definitely try it sometime!

  3. OMGGG i was just craving some vegan mugcakes this morning, but i couldn't find any good recipes so i made ur sweet potato bowl instead!! (and it was absolutely DELICIOUS!!) i need to try all these now! haha definitely gonna make that french toast for breakfast tmrw 😋😋😋 love u lisa! 💕

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