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27 thoughts on “Healthy Dinner Ideas!

  1. Firstly, you look gorgeous in this video. You do in all of them, but this one with the elegant top, classy braid, and simplistic earrings to finish the look 😉 Beautiful.

    Secondly, I'd been searching all morning for healthy alternatives for my favorite foods and the vegan Fettuccini Alfredo is by far the best thing I've come across! I CANNOT WAIT TO TRY IT!!! XD who'd of thought of cashews as a great sauce?!?!

  2. thanks for non-vegan recipes .. I don't know why youtubers are afraid of vegans . I have been looking for non-veg recipes for a while

  3. Hi Brittany! Your videos are absolutely amazing. They make me feel good about myself and I just did my own makeup and clothes sweep because of you and it made me feel less stressed and cleaner. You have been a huge help to my life and I thank you for that. You also have amazing fashion! May I ask where you got your top from the intro? Thanks, you have inspired me tremendously?!!

  4. thanks for the reply and you sound very considerate that you tried vegan and wasnt that good i know it is difficult but every being to me is precious and i am devasted about what the majority go through you look beautiful and i really like all the videos i am happy you are trying your best to eat in this way and your creativity is great thankyou can everyone please watch gary yourofsky he is a legend for the animals bye for now

  5. i made a rlly good corn,peas, & carrot and onion, garlic saute with rice and some pepperoni its rlly good thanks to you're help!
    i can actually make healthy delicious food now!!!!!!! I LUV UR CHANNEL! plus im new :3

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