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14 thoughts on “Healthy Burrito Bowl | paleo recipes for dinner

  1. You guys will love making these burrito bowls. I have been making them all week and they are so easy and delish. Who needs Chipotle?! ALSO I have a FREE EBOOK with my top healthy desserts!! Download it here:

  2. I honestly do love to tell that I also love bonitos, and I also love salsas but I honestly would love it if you would do a healthy salsa recipe from you

  3. I tried to make cauliflower rice myself a few months ago and I didn't like how it was unevenly riced… some bits were too tiny and some were still large florets. Thanks for addressing this here.. you sold me on buying it already riced! 💕

  4. Because of you I'm wondering of going keto but I have a few problems…1. How to count my macros? If I'm 17 can I have 50g of carbs? And what about protein? 2. I've heard it's good for building muscle but I'd like to have less bulky legs so I want to lose weigh and also (I think so) I wouldnt be sad if losing a bit of muscle 😉 3. What about health? About peroid, cholesterol qnd how about going off from keto? Won't I gain weigh or do sth bad for my body?

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