Healthy breakfast Recipe ll Easy Breakfast with some TIPS

Hi, Welcome to my channel style with passion.. In today’s video I will show you my breakfast routine. Everyday I prepare different breakfast recipes out of which today I am showing one of…

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49 thoughts on “Healthy breakfast Recipe ll Easy Breakfast with some TIPS

  1. Yummy idly..
    Sath me masala khate hey usey chuttnipudi boltey hey..

    Please us din urad dal ke ghol me stuff kar ke svt vada banaya tha usme kya dala tha

  2. May be let the idlis rest a while before you scoop them out. That way they won't stick to the plate. I know hot idli taste good but after you take them off from the stove, leave them to rest for few minutes. Also, if you keep dipping your laddle or spoon in water and scoop each idli out they won't stick. Watching at night in the UK and now feeling hungry. Idli, ghee and karampodi, amazing. And that's heaven with filter coffee.

  3. Ok i understand you mean to say that ki jo bazar m idli milti h wo chawal s nahi idli rawa s banti issliya wo soft hoti h to rawa idli kiss se banti aur kya ek hi batter s idli aur dosa nahi ban sakta jo market m bana hua batter milta h wo sirf dosa k liya hi hota h to aap dosa batter ki bhi recipe share kijye aur jo aap k pass stone grinder h wo kitne ka mil jayga aur kon si company ka accha pls uss brand ka name bhi share kijye thanx swaty

  4. Hai swathi .hamare yahaam raw rice +cooked rice + urud daal se iddali banathi hai . very soft hi banthi hai .mere liye ye new receipe hai I will try thanks a lot.

  5. ok to Kya idle rawa s banata h chawal s nahi ya rawa idle rawa s aur rice idle rice s aur jo rawa idle rawa aur dahi k mixture s banata wo soft banata h Kya m to the ka rawa idle mix l kar idle bana leti huin pls guide all things which is related to idle bcoz my daughter is very fan of South Indian food thanx swaty ji

  6. Thank u so much swaty for this video….this is really helpful one for me as we got a new grinder as a gift and I was not sure how to use it and d amount of quantity to be used….can you give me some tips hw to use water purifier …I mean to when to use switch on and off and it's usage….request sounds stupid but need info…please reply…thanks in advance

  7. hii swathi pls give to information about good shampoo I used treseme shampoo but when I used this i get white hair fastly pls tell me about good shampoos which one ru using swathi

  8. DILEEP KUMAR karri February 5, 2018 at 2:26 am - Reply

    Hi I am jyothi Dileep.good vedio.mam meeru pillalaku snacks emi pedataru vedio pettaru school lunch box kooda.

  9. Swaty ji main aaj hi bigbasket s idle rice order kiya h kya m wo use kar sakti huin aur jo rawa upma k liya use hota h wahi kya idle rawa hota h

  10. Very nice explanation swaty garu..but we r in Chennai..makku ikkada idly ravva thanni Ella cheyyalani oka video aesthe very useful ..

  11. hi swathy, you can make 2 in 1 idly-dosa batter. Same batter can be used for idly and dosa. makes work simpler.
    i make the batter in grinder with this ratio- 1cup urad, 2 cups raw rice, 2 cups parboiled rice, 1 tsp methi, 1/4 cup sago (optional), 1/2 cup poha (optional)

  12. Hi my name is Rkaur i love your all videos and plz thought how to make south indian coffee muje bahut pasand hai plz upload i am waiting

  13. Thank you so so much 😘😘😘
    I needed this recipe since so long actually my husband likes it so much but I m not good I that
    Love u super women 👍🏻👍🏻

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