Healthy BREAKFAST Pita Pizza Recipe

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32 thoughts on “Healthy BREAKFAST Pita Pizza Recipe

  1. Colonel Mustard June 11, 2017 at 2:12 am - Reply

    Hey, hope you don't mind me asking but could you tell me about some of the nutrition facts on your pita bread? (e.g how many calories, fat and sodium it has)

    I'll try to buy a similar one

  2. Kracka WithGuns June 11, 2017 at 2:12 am - Reply

    Can anyone explain to me how 29g of fat is considered healthy? I'm not trying to be combative at all, if anything I want to learn what's what so that I can try out these recipe but they all seem to be high in fat as I perceive high fat to be. Are these considered the elusive good fats?

  3. Heghineh Cooking Show June 11, 2017 at 2:12 am - Reply

    Looks great!
    Made similar video last week, the best and fastest pizza crust ever, my children love it!

  4. Instead of using reduced fat cheddar use a fat free motz, once you cook it you can't even tell its fat free. I usually get tha great value brand because it has lower sodium and tastes exactly the same as the name brand with 5 fewer calories.

  5. I've had this feeling for a long time, I think you must be Furious Pete's brother. Something so similar about you two…

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