Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep

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41 thoughts on “Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep

  1. Why do you have to freeze for 3 months? I just put it in the fridge for like 3 days and got it out. Worked perfectly. Great recipes.

  2. These breakfasts look terrible. Not only do they look like snacks, but they're all sugar. Not a good idea if you want to feel full and have energy throughout your morning.

  3. I nearly burnt the house down trying the first one. 180 Degree for 40 minutes doesn't work at all. Had to take it out after 20 minutes and throw everything away..

  4. Of course! Cause in the morning when I’m extremely tired and my soul is basically sucked out of me I DEFINITELY have the time to make my own damn YOGURT.

  5. So what only yogurt and smothies are healthy breakfasts now?Im pretty sure everyone can figure how to put fruit into a blender.

  6. No need to write on the bags of fruit before freezing them if people can't tell the difference between a kiwi and a mango then they shouldn't be trusted with the blender just saying

  7. Is there way too much dairy in all the recipes or is it just me ? It looks like a commercial for milk and yogurt.

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