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25 thoughts on “Healthy Breakfast Ideas! | Gluten & Dairy Free

  1. Lime Avocado toast is amazing! I do this for lunch. I put tomatoes on it with some balsamic vinaigrette. I'll need to try this for a fast breakfast option. Thanks Shannon!

  2. Hiya – thanks for the video…but do you know the nutritional content of these breakfasts? How many carbohydrate grams or sugar grams, for instance. ??

  3. I drink a herbal tea with ginger, orange, cinnamon and vanilla. It's tasty. Different from what I usually drink, too. My favourite tea in this season, though, is maple tea! So yummy! It was a gift from my friends that went to Canada 😀

  4. Thank you for this! I'm not vegan but I am celiac and have problems with dairy, so it's nice to find breakfast stuff I can eat!!

  5. This was so informative! I recently gave up dairy and I also just found out wheat bread isn't so healthy…thank you!!!! I also love the cacao powder idea.

  6. Thank you for the ideas! I am new to Gf/Df, so its nice to find some easy breakfast ideas. I will be subscribing to find more!

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