Healthy Asian Meal Prep Recipes with My Boyfriend (Macros Included) | Joanna Soh

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32 thoughts on “Healthy Asian Meal Prep Recipes with My Boyfriend (Macros Included) | Joanna Soh

  1. Cutting that chicken on the same cutting board with the fish without washing it made me cringe. Unless they did wash it and cut it out.

  2. You guys are cute, lovely video, gotta live the fact that him not spesning English didn't stop you from making this!

  3. Adorable couple. Hes perfect for her cuz he is obviously serious about fitness. And the food looks amazing 🤍

  4. So your culture boil your vegetables first, even though boiling takes away the nutrition out of them?


  5. Such a beautiful couple! I love Asian food and want to cook more at home to know what I am eating to lose weight and have less processed food. Especially learn to make soups. I have to make the vegan versions for my daughter that we can both eat but also some with meat for myself. Where are your recipes located? Your both such an inspiration!

  6. do i inject steroids before or after the meal? thx would be nice if the guy could answer he seems like he knows what hes doing!

  7. Joanna,
    I have been following your YouTube since you were studying in the U.K….and I must say… I am very proud of and your growth as a person and as health enthusiast…you just getting better and better professionally. Plus, you were lucky to find a like minded person to share your life with! Keep up the good work! Hugs from California 🙂

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