Health FAQ: Acne, Emotional Eating, Raw Food in Winter + BREAKFAST RECIPE!

Health & Raw Food FAQ! FAQ Friday Night! Questions with time stamps are listed below. I’m covering everything from what to eat in Winter, Acne, emotional eating, and more! If you want more…

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28 thoughts on “Health FAQ: Acne, Emotional Eating, Raw Food in Winter + BREAKFAST RECIPE!

  1. I just posted a new video of me and a guest trying Asian candy and snacks!!!! Go check it out and subscribe!! I’d be more than happy to support back :)))

  2. Thank you for sharing your opinions so honestly, Kristina! I could feel your warm heart pouring forth.
    Just started my transition into this new life style. Thank you for supporting us all. ❤️🙏❤️🙏

  3. TheRawfoodgardener January 28, 2018 at 2:16 am - Reply

    Hi Kristina, I haven't watched your videos for years and was really pleased I caught this one out of interest. Firstly how nice to hear your natural voice, rather than the schoolgirly pitch of your older videos. I also applaud your honesty and frankness.

  4. Dear Kristina. I think overall you are doing a really good thing in encouraging people to eat more fresh produce. However, as a medical professional I have to point out you should not be giving medical advice such as the treatment for a (uncomfirmed) UTI and make claims such as I promise it will likely get better without backing it with scientific evidence. I truly wish nothing but good, love and light for both you and your community. peace xx

  5. +FullyRawKristina off topic but please do a video on your jewelry! I’m in love 😻 and thanks for this FAQ video, you addressed a few topics that hit close to home. XOXO

  6. Hi Cristiana

    U know john se well. He isn't making any videos and it's been month now since his last video. We all are worid about him. Please could you ask him to atleast drop a min video for all of us to know 8f he is alright.

  7. Ciao Kristina, love the video, questions and answers! I Fallow Anthony William médical medium, u also mentioned few times. 4 the emotional problems, I experienced that meditation is necessary. My technics are from Osho, active Meditations created 4 the modern man . And yoga is in my understanding, a meditation and not a sport. Osho speaks a lot about yoga. I loved.

  8. A much simpler question but also super interested if possible… I think you used to have a video talking about not only your love for running but your daily morning routine with many miles a day. In this video you start by talking about yoga and a long walk. Do you still run? What has changed in your activity preference and goals? Thanks!

  9. OOHHH MMYY GOODNESS!!!! This was amazing, I love that most of my questions were answered from energy levels, UTI's to emotional eating. You are wonderful and you can see the glow that eating raw can give you. I'm so hopeful to becoming raw vegan, thank you kristina!!

  10. You are amazing Kristina, I love your videos, indeed are inspiration for me as is not easy when the environment you live in is full of bad food choices

  11. Is she still doing the bottled juice?? I'm trying to juice, but fully raw and I don't want to juice myself, just want to buy it and go lol

  12. Sabine Elisabeth - Plantbased in Austria January 28, 2018 at 2:16 am - Reply

    Intolerance to fodmaps and a high fruit diet seems hard to combine for me…i can eat bananas in small amounts but all the good stuff like dates and mangoes and peaches and avocados is not possible….

  13. I love your kitchen💕
    I became vegan from your inspiration and I realized I cry so much. And now I know why. Thank you💕
    I'm also a orthodox Christian.

  14. I love you Kristina. Thank you for answering that last question! i know it's hard to say that you love God and his word when it could risk your YouTube channel because so much of the world is decieved and believing in false doctrines are so popular now. I could tell you were really nervous but answering that question Showed allot of Courage and strength. That was really beautiful to see! I'm sure God is very proud of you for that! …On a lighter note you've also inspired me to make my famous vegetable soup later today, drink my strawberry smoothie and take a walk around the block!.. which is a much better option than spending my day off in bed with an entire doughnuts watching YouTube videos hahah Thanks for that as well! I enjoyed seeing more of your personality! This was a lovely video! 😊😄😘

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