Get Healthy With Me | Lunch Salads!

REMEMBER, these salad dressings i made are more then one serving, so you wouldn’t eat it all at once. So the amount of olive oil and salt in the first one isn’t …

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45 thoughts on “Get Healthy With Me | Lunch Salads!

  1. i really understand what yr feeling'. i've always been skinny its like in my genes and i always found it difficult to put on weights. and i used to get criticized a lot like about my body type and all. and when i started working out they were all like "oh, y'll soon disappear yr so skinny" and what i used to do is i used to argue with them. but now, i just use their words as fuel whenever i felt like i'm dying and couldn't complete the workout (i do crossfit) and it worked! they were all amazed by the results which showed quickly. never pay attention to those negative comments, at least yr trying! yr super amazing, keep it up.

  2. If you want the carrots to be mixed into the salad you can shred them, just use a vegetable peeler on the whole carrot to cut it into little slivers. :)

  3. Just tried out the quinoa salad and it was so good! Thank you! Iv had quinoa at restaurants but never made it at home before and this was super easy and so much flavor

  4. Headed to Sprouts … So excited to try these three salads for lunch this week. Thank you I'm sure they would taste awesome !!!! Keep these videos coming ?

  5. Pro top: chicken broth is just as healthy as water pretty much and makes the quinoa taste a lot better. Also add a few slices of avocado to the finished product.

  6. Actually eggs don't have healthy fat… it's the second richest food with cholesterol and saturated fat (density-wise) and patients with atherosclerosis/heart disease are forbidden to eat egg yolk (cooked or raw)…. this doesn't mean you shouldn't eat it, you are young and healthy and you need cholesterol to make hormones but I just wanted to clarify this matter

  7. I m new to your channel can you please make more video of healthy breast lunch and dinner Monday thur Friday plz thank you god bless

  8. Comp Som “CS” Anichi November 5, 2016 at 12:15 pm - Reply

    Quinoa salad sounds good 🙂 although not sure about the black beans. Hmm, yeah, adding nuts to a salad sounds like a good idea too 🙂 Berry salad <3

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