Full Day Weight Loss Meal Plan || Indian Healthy Recipes

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY #2 . Full Day Meal Plan for Faster Weight Loss . Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snack, Dinner Ideas. SUBSCRIBE to my Hindi Channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/arpitanathhindi…

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35 thoughts on “Full Day Weight Loss Meal Plan || Indian Healthy Recipes

  1. You are eating rice and roti, but what i m confused for that we should skip both of these , and just eat boiled things.

  2. Hi I lost weight and I want to maintain that weight I don't know how to maintain caz i can't follow this kind of diet plan for whole life please give me suggestion.

  3. By eating this much can i loose weight plz tell me my wedding is only 3 months to go & i have to losse upto 10kgs plz help me

  4. Just a suggestion….keep the pulp from the Orange and put it in the juice. Actually all the fiber is in that. The juice has vitamin c but also sugar. The fiber will help prevent an insulin spike.

  5. Madam,in boiled rice is their contain any fat content on it,when we're using this boiled rice ,we're not getting weight or what, madam please clear my doubt about boiled rice.

  6. Having orange juice or any kind of fruit just after lunch is very unhealthy. Fruits contain acids which interrupt the digestion process.you should have it in the mid afternoon or around 4-5 pm in the evening

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