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49 thoughts on “Food Substitutes for The 3 Day Military Diet

  1. So I still measure the cottage cheese the same way I measure the tuna? Like for lunch day 2 I do 1/2 cup cottage cheese instead of 1/2 cup tuna? I'm allergic to tuna and I wanna know if y'all think I'll still loose the weight ??

  2. Stick to the site`s tips as I have and like me you can lose 9 pounds in a week. Just search the item on Google, "fyfy unique guide". You may get good result like me. So far, it’s the best for me. I hope you love it!

  3. You can't subsitute the grapefruit with an orange.I hate grapefruit. It says on the website that a glas of water with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda is what you do. or the juice from the grapefruit with sweetner in it.

  4. I listened to a several friends chatting about the diet –  “loli special plan” and made the decision to Google it for myself. It has completely transformed my life for the far better.

  5. Will this diet still work for me I'm not doing the grapefruit or anything acidic I'm allergic to anything with acidic

  6. lmaooooo!?baaaaacon! i promise i feel the same way! im on week two and i willlll be getting me sum subs! yaaaaas girl thank u!! u just gave me liiiife! i gots me sum bacon! lol

  7. Awesome and welcoming attitude ! Lost 6 pounds whoah ! surely doing it again after a 2 day break….Thanks to you and your son for your encouragement and motivation….Feels like being at a gym fully equipped …God bless!

  8. I been on the military diet since late June and so far I lost 50+ pounds. I went from 321 to 270 without working out. I use to eat vanilla ice cream for three days and then switch it to yogurt for the next three days but I plan on staying away from ice cream and just eat yogurt everyday. I notice that on the end of day 1, I would gain weight and then it goes back down on the second or third day. Is there an explanation for that?

  9. I am vegetarian so I'm so glad this has veg substitutes. Thank you so much for taking the trouble of going through the list and explaining everything in detail :)

  10. hi great vidoe 
    might sound silly I'm a vegitraine so tuna egg meat is all out now i know what i can replace it with but how do with know how much to use like i won't have tuna so i can have cottage chesses but how much grams or calories ?? please help me lots of love

  11. thank you for taking the time to slowly for through the sub list You were wonderful in explaining there is no reason not to do this people. so looking to see less of me!!

  12. OMG thank you Jesus!!!! Thank U thank U thank U thank U thank U thank your son oh my gosh that cottage cheese was killing me I didn't know if I was going to be able to do this again! first time I lost 9 pounds but it took me three hours to eat that cottage cheese and almost threw up twice from trying to!this list Jesus thank you girl thank you thank you thank you

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