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50 thoughts on “Food Hacks | Eat Yummy Healthy Food | Healthy Swaps by So Yummy

  1. Petit Chaperon Rouge Nada June 22, 2019 at 4:08 pm - Reply

    2:15 noodles, HEY THERE! I have a riddle!:
    1-Which the name (word) "RAMEN" you have been eaten?
    Ramen noodles or Ramen Segort?
    2-Which the name (word) "RAMEN" dreamed in GLOBAL KITTIES?
    Ramen noodles or Ramen Segort?
    Have a SOPA day!

  2. Hi (to all my 100% loyal family)
    (My dad, therapist and wife)

    So I just wanted to let my all my 100% loyal family know a few things.

    1. So today during my way to the place I run at. I flicked someone in a car off “that honked at me” (meaning I have gave him the middle finger).

    Ok so the thing is, I just wanna let all my 100% loyal family know that as for
    “personal safety and protection” not to worry I’m a Sp 6 and a 8 so I am regarding that I am very good.
    (I mean, as for “personal safely and protection” it “couldn’t get better” for an Sp 68, because
    6 = think first before do, has everything prepared.
    (Goes to a 9 or 3 when needed)
    8 = 6 before 8 keeps 8 “in check” which is VERY important since actual 8’s (8 dominates)
    (Well they aren’t “exactly dumb” but they are when it comes to “overconfidence” in a fight, which can get them killed easily”)
    And 6’s know when to “back down” in a fight and fight smart.

    Also, the reason why I brought this up. Is actually because I know that there has been cases where something like “flicking someone on the road off” can escalate to like a “gun fight” or something. (Well like in the future when I make my “unlimited money” I’ll always have
    “a full body armor “meaning front back, and both sides “set of emergency body armor handgun- rifle caliber protection at ALL TIMES in my backpack”
    (and on wear on-person concealed of course some days)
    (And like emergency medical supplies trauma kits and etc……. all of that will be in my EDC, and taking EMS classes to know how to professionally apply them)
    Plus, I’ll be taking tactical gun shooting classes too, and get “other types of military style training” “
    “And pretty much just EVERYTHING relating to that.”
    (Oh yeah and it’s “for my protection” but like I said before I think, I just naturally like thing these stuff, like “guns knives and ways to use them” and etc………)
    (So yeah, it’s a win-win since
    1. I’m passionate about it
    (as a hobby and it’s actually one of my FAVORITE hobbies, but I have a lot of other favorite hobbies too)
    2. offers me personal protection.)
    (The only reason why I didn’t sign up for these things in Ohio was because
    1. I couldn’t drive
    (and I didn’t wanna look like some kid that has their parents drive them to something like a “gun training class”, if you get the idea)
    2. I didn’t have enough money, well for the guns, ammo, and the classes
    (heck the classes cost I think $100 per session
    (at least the ones were you actually “learn something important” ) , or something like that.
    (Oh and also, don’t worry if I do “actual mma I would only be training lol”, and head protection, since I don’t want to mess up my face, and I know that mma injuries aren’t permanent but I’ll just stay on the safe side and not do any because of my ocd lol)

    Oh and also, everything I stated is that and that’s ONLY for personal protection, like I’m well aware of the laws in MA (like the “duty to retreat law”) and like “appropriate use of force” and other stuff that I have to learn (via online and stuff)

    So yeah I just wanted to let all my 100% loyal family (my dad, therapist, wife) know that “as for my personal safety and protection concerns” I am perfectly fine, so all my 100% loyal family do not have to worry.
    (And I know they do, because they are my 100% loyal family and they care about me)

    (Oh and also, like I said before I always “liked guns and knives” and they started as toys for my as a kid
    (I’d always had TONs of toy guns that makes a sound when you click on it, and you knives/swords has a kid lol.)
    (so yeah………… anyhow just saying)

    2. Also.

    So about the “iPhone game that I been playing a lot in the past few days”
    “Hordes of enemies”
    Ok so just wanted to let all my 100% loyal family know that.

    Well “the reason why I keep losing” is that of that something that I mentioned before.
    Like how.
    “Real life is my field of advantage” is, was always has been.
    (And I’m not saying like “I’m the best at like sports” or anything obviously, but just literally word for word “real life is has always been my field of advantage”)

    And the reason for this is because like I said.

    “Real life everything is revealed, everything is certain and that is that sense of security for me”


    “Obviously you can trust your 5 senses and stuff that is literally right in front of you in real life”

    And that’s why
    “Real life is where I am most confident, least anxious/my field of advantage is, was and always will be.”

    And also, like I said before

    “Virtual stuff like online/offline games in general give me some type of
    “sense of insecurity”
    (And I’m a 6 of course so I need security)
    And I think that’s because it’s like how
    “you can’t see virtual stuff” like
    “you know it’s there, but you can’t see it”
    And I’m not talking about like
    “it’s a matter of understanding how computer/games works or anything”
    It’s just the simple fact that
    “it’s not something that I can see physically in the actual material world”
    and that will ALWAYS give me some sort of anxiety to some degree.

    Oh and also, another reason of course is
    (“I don’t really care that much about winning in the game lol”
    (but that’s just a “little part of it”)
    (The only reason why I want a high score is a because of my OCD and the “challenge it gives of course” and when games get “too easy” I actually try to purposely make it harder, doesn’t mean I exactly want to “win it” but I just “want the challenge”.)

    And so yeah, I just wanted to let all my 100% loyal family) know this.

    To (all my 100% loyal family)
    Thanks for reading!

  3. i stopped the video when I realized this is a sales gimmick for Krave products. I used to make Krave products in a snack plant. Krave are now going under if im not mistaken. Or have already gone under. Bye bye

  4. Masked Transcendence June 22, 2019 at 4:08 pm - Reply

    Im getting sick and tired of these type of videos not providing any measurement. Of is it on their website? Still, i shouldn't have to go to their website to understand how to do something from their video.

  5. Emilia Aegerter June 22, 2019 at 4:08 pm - Reply

    i feel like your running out of things to do because you either repost or dont post for quite a wile😢

  6. Who wants free food?

    All free!
    Edit:make sure to worry about type inf diabetes

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