Eat This To Lose Weight – Oats Recipe For Weight Loss – Skinny Breakfast Recipes

lose weight with overnight oats, no cooking needed. Fibre rich bowl of oats packed with omega 3s, proteins, vitamins and minerals will not only help you to lose …

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49 thoughts on “Eat This To Lose Weight – Oats Recipe For Weight Loss – Skinny Breakfast Recipes

  1. I tried this recipe yesterday and it was delicious.
    Thank you Ma'am.
    I've been following your channel from the last 1 month and have managed to lose 2kgs. I also did brisk walking.
    Thanks so much Ma'am for all your efforts and hard work 😃

  2. rachana khavatagi October 18, 2017 at 8:30 am - Reply

    Hello ma'am.. this is a wonderful recipe.. I tried this with regular oats.. could you please suggest a brand for whole grain oats, chocolate powder and cocoa nibs.. also if you could tell oats measurements in grams it would be helpful. 🙂

  3. Hello mam you recipes are too good
    Share skim milk recipe
    & one more question amul ki blue packed milk Jo hota hai WO low fat hota hai ??????

  4. Hello from the united states im taking de diy turmeric tea and loving it thanks and i will try this breakfast ine of these days thanks again 😉

  5. chechii…superb channel…kure nal munp njn ithu subscribe cheytarnnu..but channel name and ur english kettitt malayali anenn karutheela….chechide vdos kanan late ayipoy…u r an amazing guide..tanq so muchh..luvv uuu….superb recipes…..

  6. Thankz for the recipe mam!but I had one question!how can our breakfast be Cold?I mean indian culture has been servin garma garam as we say 'breakfast' won't dis affect my metabolism?

  7. Hello mam again tasty recipe 🙂
    If I m suffering from constipation can I have this
    Meri age 19 hai kya main aapki turmeric tea le sakti hu & kitchen haldi use kar sakti hu tea ke liye ?

  8. Hi mam..pls give me clarity about banana..a lot of people said banana is a weight gainer fruit..pls give me clarity abt dis

  9. Hello maam!
    Hope you are doing good.
    Pls let me know if i can replace this with any of my meals or is it just breakfast?

  10. Pls ma what is curd, must I use it? Also there are different types of milk. What time should I use for weight loss. Thanks

  11. Very good👍. Thank you. Have a wonderful✨😍✨😍 day☀☀. Love❤😘💞😍 you 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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