Easy Vegan Meal Prep (Healthy + Gluten Free)

Here are 3 easy, healthy, and delicious vegan recipes that are perfect for meal prep for the school or work week! If you live in the US, click this link to get $60 of Organic Grocery Credits…

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31 thoughts on “Easy Vegan Meal Prep (Healthy + Gluten Free)

  1. For me going vegan is not hard cause I can't stop eating meat but because i get bored with just eating the same thing and I wanna revert back to my old ways of eating whatever

  2. i made the fajitas and the beans and rice this weekend! both were amazing! for the beans and rice, i don't have an instapot, so i just used lentils and boiled it all in a pot. worked great! the fajitas were sooooo gooooood! I wished i had a little less peppers and a little more mushrooms/tofu, but all in all GREAT recipe! try it!

  3. Can you make a video about your dinner ware and serving dishes? You’re pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and the dish ware that you use are beautiful as well. Where do you get them?

  4. I don't like chia puddings or any other instagram worhty breakfasts so won't be making that, then I don't have an instant pot so no second recipe for me either, but I'll definitely be trying the tofu fajitas!

  5. Heads up on the Thrive offer: you only get the whole $60 off if you make the 3 $50 purchases (each $20 off) during the 30 day trial membership. After that (with a $60 year membership fee) it changes to 10% off your first 3 purchases as a thrive member (not as good of a deal)

  6. More instant pot recipes! I love those, they are so simple and delicious 🙂 I was just on Thrive so this help add to my cart. Thanks

  7. My favorite was the fajitas! I'm really excited to make them, though I'm also curious about the chia pudding, because I've never had it.
    The spices you used for the rice were brilliant, will definitely incorporate them when I've leftover beans.

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