EASY ONE POT/ONE PAN MEALS | quick, healthy recipes (paleo + plant-based)

I love recipes that don’t require a ton of work. Here are two paleo recipes and one plant-based (non-paleo) recipe for you to whip up! Healthy, delicious, and …

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45 thoughts on “EASY ONE POT/ONE PAN MEALS | quick, healthy recipes (paleo + plant-based)

  1. Hi Meghan! I like that white frying pan that you used in this video. Can I make a request for you to a video about frying pans , what you use and recommendations since some can be harmful for your health? Thank you.

  2. Perfect timing! Thanks so much! I’ve been wanting to make my own lentil soup. I’ve just recently discovered how much I love lentil soup. You are awesome!

  3. Sounds delicious!!! Scheduled the first two recipes into my meal list for next week!! Thank you so much for sharing these recipes Meghan! Much appreciated!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  4. Loved this video so much! Can not wait to try these! Please make more videos like this! Also if I don’t use canned lentils, do I just put them overnight in water? And then add them to the dish when I’m making the last recipe ? Or do I cook them on their own and then add them to the dish lol I hope I’m making sense

  5. All three of these recipes look so yummy AND also simple and easy to make on a budget, which is a hard combination to find. Thank you for posting this! Can’t wait to try these! I liked how a couple of the ingredients could be used in more than one recipe!😁

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