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38 thoughts on “EASY MEAL PREP RECIPES!

  1. This excellent survival guide “suvo amazing guide” (Google it) is essentially a survival guide for survival when SHTF. The ideas in this guide can be applied by everybody since these are not just for small disasters like getting stuck in a forest, but also for knowing what to do in during “doomsday”.

  2. Would love to make these if they freeze well. I love spaghetti squash with Alfredo sauce but love the idea of the zucchini.

  3. Dang gurl, u be flying out of the kitchen with this meal prep bizz! Also what was that wrap u were using to hold your baby in the beginning? It looked like it was a no hands thing.

  4. Hello. Very nice, cool recipes. Can you please suggest some substitutes for chicken ? I am not a vegan however i wont prefer chicken everyday.. Thank you.

  5. No. Single and watching to this To get more ideas but she's basically prepared what I normally do lol apart from the spaghetti squash. Gotta check more of her vids maybe

  6. Your knife set!! Is it the no cut knife set?! I'm looking to buy a set similar and I can't find them anywhere. I'm very clumsy and need something child proof 😩

  7. Meal prep alert! Please be sure that the meal you have packed in the containers are completely cooled to room temperature before refrigerating. Hot food in a refrigerator breeds mold and bacteria.

  8. Question from a newbie prepper — once prepared and in the frig, how do you warm the dinner to eat and for how long do you heat it?

  9. Hey, Britney! Love the meals! x

    P.S: To prevent your cutting board from moving, get a grip mat or a damp cloth under the board (to be safer). ❤

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