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36 thoughts on “Easy Lunch Recipes | Plant Based

  1. Don't really understand that vegan stuff, especially excluding dairy (If you're not lactose allergic) but I really do appreciate the presentation and creativity. Probably would remake that avocado-cucumber thingy as a dip for smth or as dressing)

  2. That first dish has a high nutrition profile. Was that oat milk you poured into the blender? I've never seen that product here where I am. The second dish is just as nutritious. I like the combination of quinoa and avocado and asparagus and peppers. It's also very colorful. You really know your nutrition foods. Whenever I watch your videos on food it makes me want to try vegan or vegetarian.

  3. Ever since I got a blender I haven't used anything else! Also, you inspire me to eat more fruits and veggies :D

  4. These looks really nice however it has come to my attention that most of ur meals r fat based eg avacadoes nuts etc. You could remove these and boost your portion size (its quite on the small size). However, im still super glad youre vegan x

  5. Love your recipes Diana, please keep them coming. Can't wait to try these. I've made almost all of them already, and they are all great!!!! Hugs xoxo

  6. I love when you share your meal ideas. You make eating healthy look so beautiful and simple.
    Yeah, health is beauty. xoxo

  7. I love this type of videos you made. They are so helpful to me. You should made new playlist – Yummy with Diana 😀 ?

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