EASY LOW CARB MEAL PREP (gluten free + dairy free) // Rachel Aust

SUBSCRIBE ➡ https://goo.gl/ORhysT Hey guys, here’s another low carb meal prep that I put together. I’ve been having some good results with it helping my …

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20 thoughts on “EASY LOW CARB MEAL PREP (gluten free + dairy free) // Rachel Aust

  1. lentils are delicious __ i make the soup a little differently though- just soak the lentils with some rice (optional) while you cook two small grated potatoes with one carrot, some celery and capsicum, onion and garlic, and then add the lentils with as much water as you'd like. then blend it all together with a pinch of salt and pepper and serve with lemon!!

  2. can someone please help me out? i want to prep a meal for lunch, which i have during break in college. but i don't know if I'm supposed to eat the meal while its cold? because i obviously can't heat it up when I'm in college so idk what to do =[

  3. This is the most delicious meal prep I've seen! Thank you for making a video full of food I actually want to eat :)

  4. I see you were struggling with your garlic there. If you take the fat flat part of your knife, with one hard smash on the other side. The skin will easily slide off. :)

  5. 2017 looks like the year of meal prepping. I'm not gonna do this though.. :/ I love variety and excitement in trying new foods.. however I guess I've been meal prepping with oatmeal already. XD been Gluten free this year since Jan 1.. I'm amazed.. Been red meat free since 2012. Yay.. but not chicken or fish free. Sorry Chickens. I'm not sorry fish.. •_• you are always delicious!

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