Easy Lazy Day Recipes » Healthy Meal Ideas

Here are some healthy, easy and quick meal ideas for a lazy day! There are two dinner/lunch ideas and a dessert/breakfast idea as well. They’re also all vegan …

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5 thoughts on “Easy Lazy Day Recipes » Healthy Meal Ideas

  1. The pizza looks yum, id like to try to make a base with chickpea flour. I always want to do your recipes! 🌺🌸💕

  2. Ahww the recipes look so great! I love your videos they're so well put together, original and always look wonderfull. I really admire all the hard work you put in making your videos. It makes them special.

  3. The banana yummy collection are a killer 😻😻😻💛💛💛💛 love it so so so much 🌸 and the pizza 😋 yummy, I have been craving pizza the last few days 💭 great video beautiful 🌸💭 have a lovely day 🌸 🍃 💚

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