Easy Healthy Recipes | What I Eat To Get Fit

What’s cooking good looking? Summer is RIGHT around the corner and I’ve partnered with Lifesum to show you guys my favorite healthy recipes. Try Lifesum …

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50 thoughts on “Easy Healthy Recipes | What I Eat To Get Fit

  1. Ahh! My first cooking video! Can you believe it? Today I show you my go to recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you guys would like more cooking videos, let me know! 😀

  2. How come do some vedios have Korean subtitles and the others don't?! Is it that someone (not Jenn) has put Korean for Korean subscribers??

  3. i saw this comment on another video and i’ll just leave it here: “the fact that people think this is not enough food explains the obesity epidemic in america”

    also, the girl is like 5’1
    do you seriously expect her to eat +2000kcal?

  4. The look with the yellow top is so gorgeous! I like your cooking but I am surprised by how small the portion you eat… Probably I would try your recipes but with some extra carbs 😀

  5. This app in the Beginning (Lifesum) is a really great app that I liked to use, but when you have a problem with an eating disorder please don’t get yourself the app.
    I used to have an eating disorder and every time when I tracked in the food that I ate and saw that it was more than 100 calories I freaked out. (Ik nobody wanted to know but it’s fine)
    And if anyone stuffers from an eating disorder pls send my a message.

  6. Jenn, you look especially cute in this video, I can't decide what it is, but the makeup is so fresh and your hair looks cute. Also enjoyed seeing the recipes~

  7. I really like these recipes because they're meat free AND dairy free! as someone that just cut meat (for the most part, im pescatarian) and dairy from her diet, I'm still looking and thinking or recipes to make. This is so helpful, thank you!!

  8. Jenn, I really appreciate the effort you put into each video. Your tips are very useful – I use them on a daily basis! And I love how your korean side shines through in the videos 😉

  9. These look delicious and easy to make! My diet problem is controlling my portions. I eat a lot and eat more when I'm bored.

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