Easy & Healthy Meal Prep Recipes

Bacon and Steak Stew recipe, plus a few more recipes that are sure to please the palate!!!! Plus a mini grocery shopping list! CLICK BELOW FOR DISCOUNTS …

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48 thoughts on “Easy & Healthy Meal Prep Recipes

  1. I only get notified for some of your videos….. not all of them and TRUST my beautiful cyber friend .. I want to see all of them.. it could just be a me prob…!!!! Love following you so much.. please keep being you!!<3

  2. you follow a paleo diet style for the most part right? I kind of started doing that too and I'm seeing my body take well to it. I have my random donut or bread and stuff but it's part of my 20% because I noticed it makes my body store more water and fat. At least thats what I think.. not sure but thanks fir meal ideas.. keeping healthy food interesting is always important.

  3. Jen, you may never read this, but I want to thank you for consistently doing workouts, food prep, and motivational videos. I was until recently subscribed to other "fitness" youtubers who've turned their channels into daytime soap operas. So THANK YOU for not showing us all your drama!

  4. Hi Jenn! I have been watching a lot of your videos and you talk a lot about cycling through fat loss stages and normal stages. I was wondering how long your phases are, how much weight you're able to use, what your macro cuts look like, and also how many you typically do per year? I love your videos!

  5. You cut all of your vegetables WAY too small…they turn to mush in a crock pit over 6 hours and absorb SO much oil in a frying pan!! Yuck. Cut them in at least 1 inch pieces, you are ruining any nutritional value in them! You obviously never learned a thing about cooking…much less gourmet cooking __ you can meal prep lie a gourmet!

  6. Jen! ❤ Please help…!! My bodytype is like yours, mesomorph. I workout alot, lifting heavy and some Hiit workouts. I have a problem with losing my lovehandles tho… I like to count my macros everyday, but I am not sure about how much I actually should eat. Your calculator says I should eat around 2000 calories to maintain, but some other calculators, like Harris benedict formula, says I should eat somewhere around 2300 to maintain. which one is it really?? I eat clean food. And also…whenever I try to cut my calories, and eat around 1800-1900 calories, I feel bloated, like my body starts to store water. Does that mean I actually should increase my calories or should I stay there and just wait for it to disappear? pls help :/❤

  7. hey jen!
    your channel is so great!
    i need your help…. i have love handles and my body type is endomorph i think.
    what should i eat more/less and what kind of sport is good for to lose the love handles?

  8. Fantastic meals! thanks. Also, you can try beef broth to enhance the meat flavor, or even bone broth. and a Latin favorite….oregano. MMM ??

  9. Hey girl thank you for doing this video and being you! You are my inspiration and u have taught me soooo much!!! Sending you and zack and the fur babies love from BOSTON MA!!

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