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28 thoughts on “EASY + HEALTHY DINNER IDEAS • Vegan Recipes • Lisa Lorles

  1. The cheesy spinach pasta is really good, I accidentally steamed the brócoli for too long but the sauce makes everything taste so good.. I also steamed asparagus with the brócoli

  2. Finally! A vegan who's cooking style is actually like mine!
    Man, I've been searching for good vegan recipe videos.
    Thanks for being awesome. Props.

  3. The potato and Tortilla is not weird to me cuz here in Trinidad & Tobago we have Aloe pie. Which is similar to what u did. We make the flour dough and fill it with the seasoned potato and fry it. It really tastes great. And sometimes we add cheese to it. Its really great.

  4. OMG just made the pasta dish and girlfriend let me tell you! It came out delicious! Thank you for your videos, please keep them coming!

  5. You have really inspired me to go vegan! I can't wait to try out all of your recipes, and stay on track with veganism! 🙂 I'm already cruelty free when it comes to makeup and other stuff, it's just food that i need to get on point, so thank you so much for all your recipes :D

  6. I'm seriously considering going vegan I've been doing my research you videos are addicting and so inspirational to me thanks♡

  7. I love your videos! You have really pushed me in my transition to veganism because your meals are so healthy but look super tasty! Really motivated to try new dishes :)

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