EASY HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS | Simple + Delicious Recipes!

Hey you guys! Today I wanted to share my current favorite healthy breakfast recipes with you! This is what I have been eating and loving most lately. So I thought I’d share these healthy breakfast…

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21 thoughts on “EASY HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS | Simple + Delicious Recipes!

  1. Definitely eating the quinoa for breakfast tomorrow. Well, mine would be eggless and mushroom-less. I have tried your pancake recipe without eggs and used almond milk instead with cocoa powder in the mix. I loved it.

  2. Which video of yours has the recipe for porridge I really want to make it? I made you chickpeas curry on the Roman lettuce for lunch I absolutely loved it. I’m take some with be for the car ride down to Durban tomorrow

  3. So true about the first pancakes are always a little bit off right?! I usually save those for the guest.. hahah just kidding. Sometimes i give it to the dogs! 😉

  4. You are one of my current fave youtubers! I had my first baby 3 months ago, December 19, and I'm only about 3 lbs away from my goal which I'm proud of. I love your vlogs too sweetie, you may have read my past comments on here but yeah I miss the continent of Africa. Hopefully I can visit again soon❤️

  5. Love your recipes, but I would only not recommend eating eggs, because it’s a source of cholesterol which actually is really bad for you, just so you know.☺️👍🏼✨

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