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46 thoughts on “Cucumber Spinach Salad : Spinach Salads

  1. Mixing cucumbers and tomatoes is wrong, alkaline and acid foods cancel each other out and render them useless for our body, I know it's common for Greeks to do that but it is very wrong for our bodies! Nutritional advice is don't do it if u don't want to get fat eating worthless food!

  2. Does raw spinach taste good?Also you didn't take the skin off the cucumber! Also will the cheese not increase weight? I'm genuinely curious?

  3. My Favorite Go To Salad
    4 cups  raw spinach – 28 calories
    ½ avocado – 150 calories
    ½ cup blueberries – 40 calories
    1 tomato – 22 calories
    5 baby carrots – 20 calories
    One car sardines in water- 150 calories
    1 tablespoon Extra virgin Olive Oil – 120 calories
    ½ tablespoon balsamic vinegar –  7 calories
    Total Calories – 477

  4. This salad looks amazeing and delicious. Please ignore the haters, angry, miserable people w/all of the negative comments. Keep doing you girl!

  5. I don't see why you need to drown it with olive oil?? It tastes good by itself or if you put some vinaigrette on it lol

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