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  1. I'm scared. hurricane Irma is supposed to hit me tomorrow night and all Monday. I love my house. I don't want it to be ruined. Also what about my pets!!!! I'm so scared

  2. love this video and I love that Apple bowl. I'm going to try it with some vegan vanilla ice cream 😍. what kind of Apples did you use? I think I'll just use the same apples that's used for Apple pie. love you ❤

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  4. I beg you do not call that shit u put atop of your disgusting food cheese it has nothing to do with cheese never saw a cow or milk .

  5. I'm so glad you wash your fruit, I see so many YouTubers eat them straight from the punnet and it makes me gag thinking about what crap and bacteria might be on it! 😷😷

  6. I loooved the recipes! I found that you cutting your voice so close to the finished word was a little bit distracting though,, I think you overdid it a little bit, but it was amazing anyway!

  7. Is tempeh usually sold in refrigeration next to tofu? I can't find it and thought maybe it's elsewhere in stores like the freezer section or maybe it doesn't need to be in the cold?? I have Wal-Mart and Kroger where I live btw. Thx!

  8. Someone PLEASE explain Tempeh to me?? Grew up a vegetarian but I look for vegan recipes since I don't like eggs personally and my 10 year old prefers vegan AND 13 month old has an egg allergy. 🙁 BUT.. since we don't know meat really.. I'm NOT a fan of mock meat/flavours. Is that what that is?? I love garden burgers,tofu, or Daiya type cheese etc. But not veggie dogs.. imitation stuff.. (Well daughter does.) Hope that makes sense.

  9. That apple breakfast bowl is exactly what I have been craving for weeks! Now i know what im having for breakfast tomorrow!

  10. I loooooved your Fall videos from last year and loved these recipes. I cant wait to see what else you have for this year!!!

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