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29 thoughts on “COSY VEGAN AUTUMN & WINTER MEALS | 5 Easy & Yummy Recipes

  1. Everything looked so delicious! My boyfriend and I just started a YouTube channel where we doing vegan What I Eat In A Day, Muk Bangs, Cooking and Reviews! Check it out 💛🌞✨

  2. Slytherclaw Merperson November 28, 2019 at 6:56 pm - Reply

    These recipes look so good! I'm not vegan, and my boyfriend isn't but I could use these recipes for meal preps because they're all super healthy and not boring!! He would never eat these kinds of foods but I totally would. Thankyou for the ideas ♡

  3. I just made the sweet potato soup! I used one purple sweet potato and one regular sweet potato, and used more ginger than you called for because I’m addicted. Thank you babe!!!

  4. The potimarron/uchiki kuru (bright orange medium sized thin skin style) pumpkins don't need to be peeled. An easy recipe is to chop an onion and sauté it in the bottom of the pressure cooker while you are cutting up and adding the pumpkin. Sprinkle salt and fresh thyme over the top, place 5 or 6 tomato halves cut face down on top of everything. Add water (more for soup less for a drier veg) and bring to pressure. It should be cooked.

    On the same sort of theme. Cut up an aubergine in small cubes, and place in an oven proof dish. Add a tbsp or more of water. Roughly chop a good handful of basil and place over the aubergine, add vegan parmesan and completely cover everything with tomato halves (cut side down). Cook for 30-45 minutes in an oven gas 5-7 until the tomatoes start to brown and the aubergine is cooked in the juice from them

    Thak you for your recipes. These are two recipes we often eat in late summer into autumn and winter. Obviously add more ingredients for more or larger portions.

  5. All of this looks so delicious and I'd love to cook this, but my siblings would probably rather die than eat something healthy.

  6. I just made the carrot sweet potato soup and it was wonderful! The coriandor really was a nice addition. Though I couldn't locate a non sugary yogurt at my grocery store. The aroma is amazing as well. Wish that could be bottled up to get into fall. Thanks for the recipe!

  7. Just thought I'd share that I made the curry this evening. I've only ever had aubergine a handful of times, and I've never really liked it. Originally I bought broccoli to use instead, then earlier today I crossed my fingers and bought an aubergine as well. Result: it was my first enjoyable experience with aubergine. I still used the broccoli, and it was lovely

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