College Dorm MasterChef – 7 Easy, Healthy Microwave Recipes / 7 Recetas Cocinadas en el Microondas

(ACTIVAR SUBTITULOS) Here’s a follow-up to College Dorm Room MasterChef! Try these 7 easy & healthy recipes when all you have is a microwave. Get recipes with calories macros –…

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40 thoughts on “College Dorm MasterChef – 7 Easy, Healthy Microwave Recipes / 7 Recetas Cocinadas en el Microondas

  1. Omg thank you! awesome video! I sub! thanks for the ideas.. this will help me save money instead of spending money on take outs.

  2. What's the amount proportion to put for the oatmeal? Lol. I tried it and it turns out to be kinda soggy… guess i had put too much milk.. Lol

  3. thank you so much!! as a single mom I unexpectedly lost my home it is just me and my four-year-old son and we got stuck in a motel room for 2 weeks until our new home is finished for us too move in. all we have is a microwave in this ruin a mini fridge so this helps so much. fast food is unhealthy and too pricey so it's something that I try and keep me and my little one away from . This is a great help Definitely if our new place doesn't have a stove it all make due till I find a stove to buy. I am a full-time mom also I am a full-time college student and I work at the college. I don't care about what other people have to say this video takes a load off of me right now thank you!!!!!!

  4. Microwave meals are amazing for those who don't have a good oven like myself! I will make these and invite my floor mates over through the app sharood! Can't wait to try them out all together!

  5. Yeahhh see when I'm a broke college student I can't really go out and buy meat, spices, and seasonings when all I have time to do is microwave instant mac and cheese 🙁

  6. I feel that a nice companion video would be how to meal prep with a dorm refrigerator, where one doesn't have enough space to hold a weeks worth of Tupperware. Gonna say "Goodbye" to the two hot-dog-a-day diet after watching this video! 🙂

  7. It's too late at night for me to be watching this and making me want this stuff. I never knew healthy food could look so delicious

  8. 5:59 chedder cheese? What is this abomination! That sir is American cheese!!!

    I don't know why they call those slices of cheese "chedder" I've eaten that type and it just tastes exactly the same as american, the one I tried even tasted more like american than another brand of american cheese I had xD

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