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37 thoughts on “Clean Eating Recipes

  1. That doesn`t seem to me cooked at all. There are a lot of healthy stuff that I like but all of this look SO gross and uneatable.

  2. Your kid did drugs (I am sorry to hear that), you took him to some holistic treatment center where they told you to all eat some bullshit diet that you think will fix everything.  Stop it, have some wings with your favorite hot sauce.  He will be okay not because of some new age diet, but because his parents love and care for him and are on top of everything.

  3. GlowBeautyWellness December 9, 2016 at 12:28 pm - Reply

    Yum! I am so happy to see clean recipes on Wendy! You definitely have to make sure your seasoning is down packed if you want to stick to a healthy, clean lifestyle. Love it <3 On another note Wendy you do not look too enthused lol

  4. LOL Wendy is SO not impressed with her, when she said "Isnt Wendy looking AMAZING these days"… Wendy's face was like "mmmhm… don't try that cute stuff with me, u clearly never watch my show." #suckup

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