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  1. Rainboww Cupcake July 2, 2017 at 3:38 am - Reply

    For the cauliflower salad, First you said 400 for 20 minutes then you said 350 for 30 minutes. Which should I do?

  2. Gurl I love you and ur vids . . . You once followed me on insta and I lit up inside but then u unfollowed . . . I was sad but I still love u:)

  3. Man you give me inspiration to go vegan and focus on loving myself by eating healthier and exercising more frequently. Your ideas are creative, helpful, innovative, and I bet super tasty. Your videos give me life and I'm grateful to you for giving me inspiration to make my kitchen more colorful and less greasy. Your channel is what I've been hoping to come across for a while now. Just know that you are changing lives.

  4. I bet this would all be under $3 if i didn't live so north. But really good recipes to try out anyway!! 🙂

  5. Marie-Pier Lebel July 2, 2017 at 3:38 am - Reply

    Hi! Do you have any recommandations for vegan restaurants in Toronto? Thank you i love your videos 🙂

  6. I just watched your healthy snack video from last week and I am sure I will be trying them! I just subscribed to your channel!❤️

  7. Christina Marie July 2, 2017 at 3:38 am - Reply

    When she said "12-15 dollars I was like "DANG! Ones near me are like 4 dollars. 😂 I'll never take that for granted again"

  8. I love how you make things that are affordable! As a college student I really appreciate being able to eat on the cheap lol.

  9. Everything you do looks so great – when I am making it it never looks so good ! But great video like always 💖💖

  10. Ahhh yes love this video! I try to eat healthy but being a student, appreciate the savings when possible. I will say cauliflower is pretty expensive where I live in Canada, so even using half would probably be $3 on its own, but it is delicious! Plus, it could go on sale eventually. the avocado/egg/sweet potato made me so hungry, definitely going to be picking up ingredients for that next time I grocery shop.

  11. Love watching meal prep videos! Gives me ideas on what to prep! Gave your video a like! I just uploaded how I meal prep too if you wanna check the video out for ideas xx

  12. Can you please try to make healthy recipes without all these special powders like protein powder or anything like that?

  13. Elsa Lilleskjæret July 2, 2017 at 3:38 am - Reply

    I love the healthy icecream, I made it yesterday and I think i wil make ut tomorrow to😍😍

  14. HEY GUYS! Hope you enjoy this video! don't forget to come say hi on instagram 🙂 your support means so much to me!!! <3

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