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11 thoughts on “Can I Lose 10 Lb in 3 Days on the Military Diet??

  1. Interesting. I've heard of this diet and it is rough but effective apparently. Great job on sticking to it. Would you do it again? Also, would you consider doing a husband tag video? I'd love to see some more of your cooking videos.

  2. wow does this actually work? i would love to try this because i have been struggling to lose weight all my life D:

  3. hey i'm a big fan of ur hijab tutorials. u made me a convert frm a non hijabi to a person who ❤❤ wearing hibaj. A big Thank you. plz plz show some more tutorials…ll be waiting eagerly 😊😊

  4. wow, masha'Allah thanx for this video will try this need to lose weight. can i ask what ice cream you bought and also how long is thia diet xx gd luck

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