BuzzFeed Food Recipes Tested! DIY Healthy Breakfast + Snacks!

I’m testing Buzzfeed food recipes! 5 DIY clean and healthy breakfast and snack ideas for school or work! OMG Banana Sushi? Let’s get this to 3000 thumbs up to …

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38 thoughts on “BuzzFeed Food Recipes Tested! DIY Healthy Breakfast + Snacks!

  1. with that amount of milk you needed more chia seeds.
    if everything is portioned correctly you should get a texture similar to rice pudding. :3

  2. I loved the apple sandwiches , I decided to make them and they came out good please make another video like this one

  3. you should never eat more than 2 Spoons of chia seeds, it can cause heavy allergic reactions. besides that it's a great Video! You got my Subscription ;)

  4. Hi, the next time you make the chia seed pudding you should add either less milk or more chia seeds, it will be less runny ?

  5. My favourite stuffed pepper recipe is instead of using the egg thing, use rice, it's a lot more filling and taste great!

  6. I'm new to your channel, but so far I love it. You are so sweet and your videos are so amazing! You deserve a million subscribers!

  7. I haven't tried them yet bet I love apples and peanut butter together so obviously the apple sandwich is my fav

  8. That is NOT sushi!Why can't people understand that something that LOOKS like sushi,isn't necessarly sushi.Sushi has raw fish

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