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  1. Girl, honestly, I use you to cope when I feel low. Thank you for being so up lifting ❤️ I still love everything you post, but still I come straight to you.

  2. Ok, so I’m a new subscriber! I’ve watched about an hr and a half of her today and am soooo loving her energy! She lifts me up!! Please tell me she has implants!!!! She’s so fit but has amazing boobs!!

  3. When she was like “sorry for anyone I made yawn” I was like yeah I didn’t yawn……… * 3 seconds later *yawns*…….😑😑😑😑 thanks remi😂😂

  4. I love how remi doesn’t restrict the portions of her food but still eats healthy. Most diets have very small portions.

  5. Omg literally the beginning when she said sorry if I made anybody yawn In my head: you dint make me yaw- (literally yawns) 😂

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