Breakfast Quesadilla: Easy Breakfast Recipes

An easy breakfast quesadilla recipe! These quesadillas are made with bacon, cheese, tomatoes and flour tortillas. Enjoy this quick breakfast recipe! Full recipe …

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15 thoughts on “Breakfast Quesadilla: Easy Breakfast Recipes

  1. Hi! Great Recipe! ☺ I agree with you that the secret of great scrambled/omelette eggs IS beating them to incorporate AIR!! It can be done with a fork (more labor intensive 😄), a whisk is much better. I would like to share with you that I beat them, as well, but; I add a little bit of water. Why? Because the water evaporates while the egg/s are cooking & the result is a lighter, fluffier egg texture! ☺ I hope that you give it a try!! Happy Egg Beating!! Happy Videoing!! ☺☺😎😎

  2. Love it, I had made eggs like that but not with the Tortillas this way… I would use a Pizza cutter to cut off the extra eggs and to make the slices. Thx for the share!❤

  3. I was going to comment, "salsa on the side!", but you've got it. For me, the addition of sliced sautéed mushrooms would be nice. 🙂 The more videos you make involving any form of tomatoes is fine in my book!

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