Breakfast Mediterranean Diet Recipes

LINK – Breakfast Mediterranean Diet Recipes This video covers two awesome recipes for …

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5 thoughts on “Breakfast Mediterranean Diet Recipes

  1. Απόλλων Θηρευτής January 31, 2017 at 6:42 pm - Reply

    I have to say that is an English type of breakfast. Actually we eat a lot of honey, yougurt, fruits or juice and bread or rusks with milk.

  2. Try to cut out the cheese and it would be more healthy though. I rarely eat cheese. Every now and then if I go out to breakfast I would have cheese in the omelet. But usually cooking at home skip the cheese and bacon or sausage. Vegetable omelet with toast and fruit would be my typical breakfast if I have eggs.

  3. please note medataranion diet isn't about loosing weight don't be sucked into that its about collestriel and inner health if you exercise with a medataranean diet you will loose wight and be healthier and certain parts of the diet can reverse artery damage its not just about greek food French Italian are part of this diet

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