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41 thoughts on “Breakfast for Athletes

  1. I like how everyone on here thinks they’re pro dieters. What works for one person may not work for another. Each individual needs to understand their body and find what works. Microwaves are a huge no though

  2. Mladen Milojkovic March 9, 2019 at 11:23 am - Reply

    That fruit shake or whatever it is will fuck your sugar up so bad, u will get hard insulin spike and u will have bad cravings. This guy talks from book not from real life experience, and im not even gonna talk about microwaved eggs like wtf is that man.

  3. I don’t think they’ve had the breakfast update in Africa. In fact I’m pretty sure food doesn’t spawn in..?

  4. Did he pick up the cooked eggs by the same wooden spatula he used to mix the raw eggs? Just wondering. Will try recipe.

  5. Shit, I need at least four eggs, bacon, oats with fruit and nuts and some coffee in order to make it to my 9:00am union 10

  6. Everytime i see eggs.. i switch to another channel
    There are better digestive option than eggs
    Much better…

  7. The other thing about Carbs is that if you don't get enough you will be vulnerable to muscle injury. I used to be on the low carb diet and couldn't figure out why I could never start exercising without injury, it derailed my plans to get fit every single time, ugh! I finally added back healthy carbs to my diet and bingo, no more injury and I can finally follow through with getting fit.

  8. Is it smart for a football player to drink a smoothie before boot camp??? I feel like I’d throw that up mid squats or deadlifts

  9. Total myth re.micro waving food…. Doesn't look the part but totally safe….it just warms it up….no change to the molecules

  10. When I have softball games for school, I don't want this mess I want pancakes and eggs +bacon. That's your protien and carbs for energy. With a side of calcium↪️🥛

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