Boiled Eggs Recipe | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Boiled Eggs Recipe | Healthy Breakfast Ideas | Healthy Breakfast For Weight Loss #EggDiet #breakfastrecipesforweightloss #HealthyBreakfastIdeas #breakfast #healthybreakfast #easybreakfast …

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24 thoughts on “Boiled Eggs Recipe | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

  1. Can I have oats with coco one in breakfast and this recepie in lunch of 5 eggs and again milk oats in dinner?? In between only fruits like apple and orange?? I wanted to reduce weight fast.

  2. Hi Vicky…I followed many diet plans but u r superb….
    Now I follow only ur diet plan…ur 900 calories diet plan is owsam

  3. I think ur in USA or somewhere I m in usa and I am unable to manage my weight. Bcz of the food.. Can u plz tell how to get weight loss here???? I m indian so suggest me indian foods wch r available here

  4. Im following your egg diet plan,can I use this for it during lunch atleast.Coz raw boiled eggs are starting to take its toll on me.plz let me know☺️

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