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28 thoughts on “Bethenny Frankel Simple Lunch Salad Recipes

  1. Mary Kate Daniiher November 21, 2016 at 7:33 am - Reply

    She has such a strange body with those scrawny arms and shoulders and those inappropriate boobs. She would look better with a few extra pounds.

  2. Having enough greens is important for anyone who is trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

    If any of your health conscious viewers are eating this while on a workout program – we suggest visiting us at The AbStand

  3. You should try to make your point without putting down someones weight. Calling someone a corpse is the same as calling someone fat. It's fucking rude and horrible. Maybe instead of caring about what she puts in her mouth you should focus more on what's coming out of yours. 

  4. Women don't need to be "taken care of" by men, we can take care of ourselves. And we are still allowed to "be women" – in fact, now we are even able to be seen as women when we wear a pair of jeans and t-shirt because it's not our number one job anymore to "keep the man" who is "taking care" of us. Nothing wrong with wearing Dior and Chanel though, but it should be for ourselves and not to be "more feminine" to please the other sex.

  5. You're a sad and ignorant individual if you think "all their Chanel lipstick/Dior dress kind of way" is what makes a woman. How pathetic. What an outdated heteronormative crock of shit. You're not "neglecting self nurture and personal style" if you don't dress and act like a generic, snotty, overpriced overated, designer label loving mindless minion.Your "understanding" of gender, style, self nuture, and life in general is seriously sad. 

  6. MrJeremie2009 can we see what you look like? You must look so hot to say s*** like that. By the way she probably could but I'm guessing it's not that important to her.

  7. Theres around 30 calories in 1 egg white, which is actaully really low.. The yolk is the one that gives it a lot of calories, but she removed it.

  8. So it's simple to go out and get some cooked chicken breast? Why not just buy the salad then, it's simpler… Geezzz…

  9. Is that a CAFO chicken breast? Probably. Not much nutritional value there. And the right type of fat is not a "bad" thing. Go for organic everything to boost nutritional content. Choose free-range eggs (the whole thing not just the whites). Free range eggs have a completely different nutritional composition. Stay away from soy, it's probably genetically modified unless it's organic ( I still think soy is a poor food choice it's just a marketing sensation). I think this dish is crap. : / sorry

  10. yummy! ahahah on a side note i love the people who get into arguments on youtube, who are these people who have time for this shit? ahahah i mean come on people grow up

  11. EWWW you one ugly ass bitch ! Your jaw is like Michael Jackson's in not in a good way !! If you have some much money why not get plastic surgery ??

  12. @10335086 You do know that most medical problems associated with meats are actualy the same things which can be associated with being obese right? If you eat properly and balanced there is no problem. I eat meat every day for dinner and lunch and I get regular blood checkups. I'm 100% fine. I think there's way to much hype over it. I also work out alot so I need my protein to repair my muscles. And god damn its tasty. Even chimpanzee's go crazy for meat. We're made to eat it. But veggies too :D

  13. @10335086 No, you just believe in something being bad merely because u want it to be bad. Not looking at the whole picture. Animal protein isn't bad, why else would animals be eating themselves if it was bad. All animals would be vegetarians. Almost everything u do carries a risk of cancer, however if eating meat is gonne shave of 1/2 or even a year of my life expectancy, well so be it. I'm gonne be criple at that age anyway, might as well have enjoyed it till that age instead of being snotty.

  14. @10335086 Using toothpaste increases ur chance of cancer as well. Are you gonne stop brushing ur teeth now? (sometimes the benefits are bigger than the downsides, go figure that one out before u label everything evil and cancerous)

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