Bento Box Lunches | Healthy Recipes! – Mind over Munch

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26 thoughts on “Bento Box Lunches | Healthy Recipes! – Mind over Munch

  1. I love how you make ying yang in your salt and pepper little things like that really make me appreciate how much time it takes to film videos

  2. Loved everything about the video, would love to eat every single thing shown. Am I the only one that couldn't find the recipes on the blog?

  3. Ana Paula do Nascimento November 6, 2016 at 11:21 pm - Reply

    I have just subscribed to your channel! I am in love ! Thank you! You are such an inspiration to me! Loved the video! Great work ♥ !

    Now I am going to make a Mind over Munch Marathon!

  4. ok can you make a vid were u can use leftoevers or something else easier for lunches because I GOT NO time to make this shit

  5. As a nutrition student I have to say your lunchboxes look really healthy and balanced. Great job!! I also like the fact that you cook from scratch. 1000 million likes!

  6. Tfw you swear to yourself you're going to make some of these, and then you don't because you're a lazy and weird person and like just watch those videos, ending up REALLY hungry but the fridge is too far away and URGH ?

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